We help governments in developing countries implement new funding mechanisms for socio-economic development.

We help governments determine new sources of revenues and provide assistance to manage, leverage and protect these new revenues, through a multi-partnership approach.

LSLWI helps governments set up and operate a National Strategic Development Programme (NSDP) adapted to the local context and in line with national priorities. This programme operates with revenues generated by the comprehensive collection of taxes, levies or contributions in key sectors that offer the best opportunities in terms of volumes and growth potential, such as mobile telecommunications services, money transfers etc.).

Once the programme is set up, the country freely decides how it will allocate the resources according to its development needs and priorities.



Key Benefits:


The programme consists of four stages implemented in close collaboration with the government.

Scope of Work

Provide Regulatory Support

Develop IT Solution and Provide Capacity Building

Design/Scale Up Sustainable Programme

Our network of partnering organizations has already allowed several developing countries to create significant revenue streams of more than USD 1 Billion through traffic monitoring, billing and reporting systems that allow authorities to:
Collect and consolidate traffic data in real-time
Establish accurate billing
Ensure the comprehensive collection of a micro-surcharges on international inbound and outbound calls
Verify compliance with the micro-surcharges and detect fraudulent attempts to by-pass the system...

… while transferring their know-how and technologies to the national authorities.

We produce compelling results by leveraging already-existing successful programmes and coordinating their scale-up to match the political engagement to respond to the population’s needs.


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LSLWI Matchmaking

LSLWI can assist governments in improving the energy mix of their respective countries. Our energy partners include some of the largest companies in the world, which provide turnkey solutions, from generation to distribution and commercialization of energy.


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