Since the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship in 1986, Haiti has endured long periods of political instability. This has not been conducive to reformation or constructive thought. There is no real strategic framework for sustainable development that could guide the government’s actions.

In fact, a period of accelerated economic decline has caused the collapse of key sectors of the economy such as manufacturing and agriculture, agro-agronomy and food processing. 

In the current international context, it is imperative for Haiti to find other human, strategic and financial resources.  This implies the development of innovative funding mechanisms for development and negotiations with non-traditional funding organisations that will require strategic thought to develop a business plan.


A Think Tank for Haiti

Haiti could benefit enormously from the formation of an inclusive socio-economic and financial Think Tank where creative and revolutionary ideas could be explored, tested against benchmarks and where appropriate, put into practice. The Think Tank is a logical development for LSL World Initiative (LSL) which is a leading global organisation dedicated to the socio-economic development and empowerment of emerging countries.  As a private company focusing on social and economic impacts and transformation, LSL works with governments to provide solutions for them to implement their own funding mechanisms to:

  • achieve economic self-sufficiency
  • provide direct responses for their specific developmental needs
  • spur economic development
  • achieve sustainable development


The Think Tank will complement these activities in the fight for the emergence of an inclusive and united Haitian society. It will focus on the strategies that will lead Haiti to become an emerging country by 2041.  It will also suggest the policies, procedures and planning required for effective action. The Think Tank will be instrumental in assisting political players to draw up programmes, to identify and analyse projects and search for funding.



The Think Tank will be an LSL initiative implemented by the Louis G. Lamothe Foundation (FLGL). There is natural synergy here, too, as the FLGL aims to fight exclusion in a socially divided Haiti.  It aims to do this through social dialogue by exposing Haitians to the power of knowledge and social responsibility empowering them so that they can make a contribution to the dialogue and knowledge exchange necessary for the social transformation of their own country. 

To allow for the cross-pollination of ideas and access to the skills it needs to fulfil its mission, the Foundation will form affiliations with other foundations (both in Haiti and abroad), research offices and international bodies.


Strategic Interventions

In keeping with its mission, the Think Tank will cover all the areas related to Haiti’s socio-economic development.  It will offer an array of services including:

  • defining a growth and development strategy
  • creating policies, programmes and projects
  • searching for funding to allow for the implementation of programmes and projects
  • supporting the roll-out of programmes and projects
  • evaluating, measuring, and monitoring of results


Given the governmental and institutional crisis gripping the country, the Think Tank will prioritise activities that will make a contribution to State reform.  This entails an analysis of the 1987 Constitution and recommendations to amend it and an analysis of the organisation of the Haitian State.


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